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Confidentiality agreements, or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as they are commonly known, are legal agreements between parties specifying information that one or both of the parties consider confidential and prohibit the other party from disclosing it. Confidentiality agreements can exist in a variety of contexts, such as between a business and a contractor, employer and employee and manufacturer and supplier.

Confidentiality agreements are beneficial because they allow the free-flow of confidential information between an organization and its employees/contractors/suppliers in order to maximize business efforts without fear that private information will enter the public domain.  A properly drafted NDA can also help avoid costly litigation, since it puts all parties on notice about their obligations concerning confidential information and what information is considered confidential.

Confidentiality agreements will bind the Receiving Party during the term of the agreement itself, and typically for a period thereafter, and prohibit the Receiving Party from using or disclosing confidential information outside of the scope of the relationship.  A qualified business lawyer will meet with you and discuss your business needs and help draft an NDA that will give you the assurance that your client lists, and other confidential information is protected. For more information on protecting your company’s private information, contact Grantham Law, LLC today.