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18 Years of Bankruptcy Experience Helping Individuals,  Families, and Businesses in Massachusetts

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy for yourself or your business it is important to have an experienced attorney who can explain the intricacies of how bankruptcy works and help you make informed decision about your financial recovery.

We provide all prospective clients a free consultation to give you the opportunity to meet with our bankruptcy professionals, learn about your options and determine the best path to financial freedom. Forget the myths you have heard, and learn the facts about bankruptcy.

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We have been representing individuals and small businesses throughout Massachusetts in the area of Bankruptcy since 2001.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

Individuals or families who live in Massachusetts and are facing financial problems can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you need a fresh financial start, feel free to contact one of our Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers.

If your Massachusetts corporation, LLC, or partnership has experienced a slow down of business, or is straddled with a heavy debt load, our Massachusetts business bankruptcy attorneys can help with dissolution or reorganization.

If you or your business has extended credit or loaned money to another business or individual who has filed bankruptcy in Massachusetts; our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help protect your interest.

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If you or your business is facing a legal challenge that calls for sound advice and skilled representation, contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation with an experienced Massachusetts attorney.

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