Personal Bankruptcy Clients

Personal Bankruptcy Clients

In order to simplify the bankruptcy process, we have created a "step-by-step" web-page dedicated to helping individuals and married couples prepare for filing personal bankruptcy.

Step 1: Retain Us

Click on the link that your attorney instructed you to choose and complete the online bankruptcy intake form and fee agreement.

Personal Chapter 7 Intake Package
Click Here
Personal Chapter 13 Intake Package
Click Here

Step 2: Validate your Identity

We use your credit report to obtain a complete listing of your debts as reported by your creditors. In order for us to obtain your credit report, the credit reporting agencies require that you answer a set of security questions to confirm your identity.

Step 3: Complete Your Financial Questionnaire

In order for us to prepare your bankruptcy petition, you must complete a financial questionnaire and provide us with certain documents. We will send you a link once we receive your signed fee agreement and payment.

Step 4: Pre-Bankruptcy (Credit Counseling)

Federal Law requires that you take a credit counseling course before your bankruptcy can be filed. WHEN INSTRUCTED BY YOUR ATTORNEY, please click on the link below and take the Credit Counseling course.
Once you complete the course, you will receive the completion certificate in the email. Please email it to your attorney to ensure that the course is competed.
Note: This Course takes approximatly one hour to complete. You are responsible for the cost of this course. ($14.95)

Step 5: Post-Bankruptcy (Financial Management Course)

Federal Law requires that you take a financial management course AFTER your bankruptcy is filed, before you can receive a discharge. WHEN INSTRUCTED BY YOUR ATTORNEY, please click on the link below and take the Financial Managment course.

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