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Business Disputes and Litigation

Business disputes have the potential to undermine your business operations and threaten your company's very existence.  Our Massachusetts business litigation attorneys represent small businesses in general business litigation and arbitration matters. We represent businesses as both defendants and plaintiffs in disputes with other businesses, contractors, employees and customers.

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Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

In most cases, a properly drafted shareholder/partnership agreements can prevent internal business disputes. Properly drafted documents will address many important issues, including what happens if a shareholder dies, becomes disabled, gets divorced, files for bankruptcy, or simply wants to leave the business.

Unfortunately, even with well drafted corporate documents, disputes among shareholders and partners can, and will, occur. When they do, swift and decisive action must be taken. When possible the dispute should be mediated before an experienced mediator. If mediation fails, and if litigation is necessary, the litigation should be handled by experienced business attorneys who will look out for the best interests of the shareholders and partners, as well as the best interests of the business. At Grantham Law, our attorneys have been representing shareholders, corporations  and partners in internal business disputes; often without the need to ever file a lawsuit.

Disputes involving Customers, Employees or Other Businesses

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Business disputes have the potential to undermine your business operations and threaten your company's very existence. If your business has been harmed by the acts of another partner, or other business; the business litigation attorneys at Grantham Law can help. With more than 18 experience representing businesses in Massachusetts; Grantham Law will pursue every means possible to obtain a favorable resolution to any dispute affecting you and your business.

We have been helping Massachusetts business of all sizes in general business litigation. We conscientiously work with our clients to prosecute their claims and protect their legal and financial rights and interests. Some types of disputes we have experience in handling are:

  1. - Breach of Contract
  2. - Fraud
  3. - Franchise Disputes
  4. - Breach of Non-Compete/Nondisclosure
  5. - Wrongful Termination

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