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Outside General Counsel

Outside General Counsel

At Grantham Law, we have developed a legal product for small businesses that allows business owners to have access to an experienced Massachusetts business attorney who can answer all their legal questions any time. Our "Legal Concierge" service allows your business to have its own "general counsel" and have the advantage of having an experienced business lawyer just a phone call away. No matter what the legal issue your business is facing, or legal question you may have, our Massachusetts business attorneys can help. By being proactive with your businesses legal needs, you can let us advise you on legal aspects of your business, and work to keep you out of the court room, while you concentrate on running your business.

A Smarter Approach

The role of your general counsel is not to replace or compete with traditional litigation law firms or M&A law firms. We also do not provide highly specialized work like patents or SEC filings. Rather, as your General Counsel, we handle your business' day-to-day legal matters such as drafting and reviewing contracts, assisting with human resource issues, and working with you to limit your liability in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How Does It Work?

outside general counsel

You sign a two-year agreement with our firm and pay a retainer. The retainer is yours until we earn it…think of it like “prepaid” legal service.  Any time you have a legal question, need a legal document drafted or reviewed, have problems with collections, employees, or anything else, simply email or call your general counsel, and he will take care of it for you. You will receive a monthly invoice that shows how much work was done, and how much of your retainer has been used. When the retainer is depleted, you have the option of reverting to month-to-month billing, at a higher hourly rate, or paying another retainer and keeping a lower hourly rate.

Unlike other law firms that offer this service, we do not charge you a monthly service fee.  Your time/retainer is yours until you use it and it does not expire.

Advantages for Your Business:

Save on Labor Costs:
Save salaries, retirement and employment taxes that are associated with keeping an attorney on staff.
Concierge Service:
You get a priority phone number that gives you direct access to our attorneys. No more waiting for your attorney to get back to you.
Proactive Representation:
Allows you to be proactive and avoid costly litigation. It’s better to find out from your attorney that your business is not in compliance with the law, than find out when someone sues you.
Flexible Billing:
Every business is different and your business is always changing; therefore, we offer several billing options to fit your business' current needs.
Below Market Fees:
We offer prepaid billing blocks to save you thousands on legal fees and make it easier for you to budget for your needs. Moreover, your rates are locked in for 2 years.
18 Years of Experience:
We have experience in all aspects of business, from contracts to human resources issues. No matter what business you're in, we can help.
Free Business Reviews:
We want to help your business grow and tailor our services to your current needs. Therefore, we offer a free quarterly meeting with your attorney to review your business needs.
Business Guidance:
After years of experience representing businesses in Massachusetts, we are able to utilize our network of service providers to assist you and your business.

If you or your business is facing a legal challenge that calls for sound advice and skilled representation, contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation with an experienced Massachusetts attorney.

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